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Holiday Packages

Extreme Kite Kenya Coast Adventure!

We take you on a 16 day, 200km downwind adventure travelling from the Tanzanian border to the Somali border, but staying within Kenyan waters the whole way up.

There is no more adventurous way of seeing Kenya by land and sea! The primary objective is of course to get as much kiting in as possible, kiting THE best spots and stretches of coastline! more…

Extreme Kite Zanzibar Adventure!

This 1 week extreme downwinder takes you to some of the most secret and virtually undiscovered sandbanks, adjoining islands, remote beaches, bays and lagoons that Zanzibar has to offer.

The crystal clear tropical waters offer an ideal location to expereince marine life in its most natural state. Calm and smooth water within the lagoons and wave riding on the reef are just an added bonus to what this trip is all about!

Great Accommodation and Kite Centre Packages!

Whether you are planning your next kiteboarding holiday to Kenya or Tanzania we can organise fantastic Accommodation-Kite Centre packages at all our centres to meet various budgets and needs.

Secret new kite island atoll discovered!

Kited by no-one other than ourselves! All we can say is it’s off one of Zanzibars island atolls and you need a yacht!:)
5 day total kite get-away live-aboard adventures to be made for group bookings of 6-8 pax.
Minimum riding level – confident IKO level 3 and above riders only.
Trip is All-Inclusive as this place is so remote you cant find anything other than perfect flats in the 50 sqkm sandy lagoon, great fun in the multi-level tidal lagoon rapids and awesome reef breaks, not to mention the incredible sunsets and sunrises over the water!


East Africa's Extreme Kite Centre's based both on Zanzibar island, Tanzania and in Mombasa, Kenya

Why Zanzibar

In Tanzania, we have newly established in Paje, on the south-east coast of stunning Zanzibar Island. Virtually untouched crystal clear tropical waters, lagoons, islands and bays. Flat calm protected lagoons and great waves out on and beyond the reef! What more could you want?!

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